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JSC MAZ-SEVERO-ZAPAD being the official dealer of JSC MZKT of,  in response to your inquiry the  technical offer to cargo vehicle : 

Dump truck MZKT 750100-021 /VOLAT/



Axles 4

Quantity of driving axles 2 (3 and 4)

   The mass of the equipped dump truck (without crew), kg 16850

   The mass of the transported freight, kg 32000

    Fully loaded mass of a dump truck, kg 49000

Admissible axial masses, kg

   front axles 2 x 9000

   rear axles 2 x 15500

Maximum speed, km/h 80

Minimum dimensional turning radius, m 13,0

Wheelbase (I-IV), mm 6200

Outline dimensions, mm:

    Length is 9150 max

    Width is 2550 max

    Height 3420

Fuel tank capacity, l 312

The maximum overcome rise, % 30


ENGINE The YaMZ-651.05 (Renault DCi11), 6-cylinder, with a working volume of 11,12 l, with a line arrangement of cylinders, 4-stroke, with direct injection of fuel, a turbo-supercharging, liquid cooling, intermediate cooling of air like "air-air". A resource before a major repair of 15 000 hours or 1 000 000 km of run.

The ecological class Euro-4, are applied: EGR system (recirculation of the fulfilled gases), the catalyst converter with the replaceable filter.

The license agreement between the Renault Trucks and "GAZ Group" company the 6-cylinder DCi 11 diesel engine received the name YaMZ-650. The YaMZ-650 engine differs from the French pilot model of dCi 11 in a number of the constructive changes concerning, first of all, introduction of system of fuel feeding of CRS 2 of the second generation of Bosch firm.

Engine type diesel turbo, electronic control

Engine power, kW (h.p.) 303 (412)

Maximum torque, N. of m (кгс.м) 1900 (194)

CLUTCH of MFZ-430 the one-disk dry

GEARBOX The Shaanxi Fast Gear   (Fuller) 9JS220TA, 9 step manual synchronized transmission, is made according to the license of the Eaton company (USA), qualitatively doesn't concede to the original, number of drives 9 up +1 back, range 13,96 — 0,73. The LUMP QH50, a drive gear - a gear reducer, the maximum selected moment on the parking of 500 Nm, a steering drive gear – electric air.



    Type of the 1st and 2nd shafts of a beam of double-T section with swivel members

    Type of the 1st rear bridge not cutting, with the central reducer through passage and wheel drives, interaxle and interwheel differentials with a compulsory blockage

    Type of the 2nd rear bridge not cutting, with the central chanceless reducer and wheel drives, interwheel differential with a compulsory blockage


   Dependent, spring with hydraulic shock absorbers of telescopic type, with antiroll bars


   Dependent, spring балансирная with antiroll bars

STEERING mechanical, with the hydraulic booster, the distributor and a safety steering tube with a steering wheel.

BRAKING SYSTEM drum type brake gears with an automatic adjustment of a spacing with the pneumatic drive executed according to the 2-circuit scheme, a motor delay mechanism in the exhaust system of gases.

TIRES R24 Continental 12.00 tubeless

WHEELS 8,5-24, ABS

FRAME longeron type, with the cross bars fastening to longerons by bolts , the section of longerons - channel

СABIN the MAZ-6501 type, all-metal double, on spring subweight, thrown back forward, is equipped with systems of ventilation and heating, governing bodies and test instruments, a berth on demand.


PLATFORM metal, dumping with rear unloading, P-shaped section with a back header, volume 20m3, warmed with awning shelter. The gear of raising of a platform hydraulic single-cylinder with automatic restriction of an angle of lead of a platform, a hydraulic cylinder Penta (Italy).

Inside dimensions, 6045mm 2020 width between the left and right board, 1420 height is long on a floor,

Walls, steel 09G2S

Thickness of walls

     Front board: 5mm

     Side board (2 pieces): 4mm

     Base: 5mm

     Back header: 4mm



accumulators of 2 pieces, 180ach/24B



Anti-blocking system (ABS)  Wabco

Air conditioner

Fog lights

Protective lattices of headlights


Folding sleeping bag

Autonomous heater of a cabin (hair dryer)

The coupling device for the trailer

The strengthened body for severe conditions of operation (Heavy Duty)


Guarantee: 12 months or 45 000 km


All equipment has pre-sale training and is completely ready for operation. Training of drivers will be in addition made.



Timofeev Alexander

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