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JSC MAZ. ( )  A little history …

MAZIn Soviet Union period MAZ plant belonged to leaders of production of cargo vehicles. Tractors, dump trucks of a barge and other MAZ cars built the USSR. In the north, making the way on winter roads, in the south in deserts and steppes. Various buildings are in power to equipment of MAZ. The monument to MAZ-500 dump truck near Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station (Krasnoyarsk) immortalizes the  memory to heroic builders till now.

And now MAZ makes a wide line of equipment capable to solve any transport problems. The plant doesn't stand still, constantly re-equipping production, applying the latest technologies, and by right is the leader of production companies in Republic of Belarus. On output of tractors (by data for 2012) the plant is included into 5 largest plants in Europe, annually making to 20000 units of tractors. Includes passenger equipment (buses, trolleybus), commercial vehicles (chassis, tractors, dump trucks, onboard, trailers, semi-trailers etc.), special executions (truck cranes, autohydrohoists, wood transport ets.), vehicle sets and import.

According to the plans of development and requirements for norms of blowout of carbon dioxide since 2013. The car assembly plant of MAZ completes tractors with engines of euro-4/euro-5 standard. In the form of skilled copies versions with Euro-6 engines are exhausted.

YAmzWhat does MAZ attractive to the buyer?!

the answer is simple: optimum combination price quality, and also the use of import accessories, in particular the power unit and the speed gearbox

YaMZ-651.10 engine (Renault DCi11), 6-cylinder, with a working volume of 11,12 l, with a line arrangement of cylinders, 4-stroke, with direct injection of fuel, a turbo-supercharging, liquid cooling, intermediate cooling of in-blowing air like "air-air". A resource before a major repair of 15 000 hours or 1 000 000 km of run; guaranteed life of 140 000 km of run. The ecological class Euro-4, is applied: EGR system (recirculation of the fulfilled gases), the catalyst converter with the replaceable filter. Under the license agreement between the Renault Trucks and "GAZ Group" company the 6-cylinder DCi 11 diesel engine is named YaMZ-650. The YaMZ-650 engine differs from the French pilot model of dCi 11 in a number of the constructive changes concerning, first of all, inculcation of system of fuel feeding of CRS 2 of the second generation from Bosch.

Daimler Chrysler OM501 LA.IV engine, V-shaped six cylinder Mercedes-Benz diesel engine. On an environmental standard the engine belongs to Euro-4. The SCR system (Selective catalytic reduction) reduces quantity of NOx in exhaust gases by means of injection of special synthetic AdBlue liquid in an exhaust flow.

Also it is used modern engines: YaMZ-563, Cummins, Weichay power, DeutzКПП

ZF16S2520TO, 16-step mechanical synchronized gear box of production ZF Germany, consists of knot with 4 drives, a demultiplicator and a front divider. This mechanical gear box of an easy design with sixteen steps of switching speeds, allows drivers to support optimum power in any situation – at the moment when the car starts, at speedup, in time the movement on the route.

Also the change speed gearbox is used: YaMZ, Shaanxi Fast Gear

The worthy place is taken by a frame, a suspender, and the power line, these parts of the car, MAZ can be proud of. It is no secret that when transporting is often overload. You shouldn't speak about it to MAZ, the suspender and frame are strengthened.

In 2012 restyling of MAZ trucks occured, instead of an old cabin there was an updated modern cabin of MAZ, for medium-tonnage it is called "CORNET" 4371, for big “PROSTOR” cars 6501-day, 5440 – with one sleeping bag, 6431 with two sleeping bags. Spacious, modern, convenient, with an automatic microclimate of a cabin, and an autonomous heater in a basic set. A pneumo-seat for the driver, resetting of a wheel and low noisiness – are distinctive features of a new cabin of MAZ.


Territorially is in the same place as MAZ, and in Soviet Union period there was part of MAZ, completely closed plant. To this day the plant makes automotive equipment for transportation of military products.

Wheel formula 8×8, 10×6, 10×8, 10×10, or 12х12, is nothing hard to similar tractors. 

In the seventies the 20th ceYAmznturies they created the unique tractor for transportation of small courts. The diesel motor of the tractor works as power plant, and the electric motor in each wheel rotates it. Out of 12 shafts: 10 shafts are rotary, an independent suspension.


Hard times of reorganization of 2000’s and absence of orders, but the enormous experience which is saved up decades, gave an impetus to development of the civil direction of cargo vehicles.

Quality control (military acceptance of equipment) and super reliability are the main postulates which formed the basis of the concept of technology of civil appointment.

Today JSC MZKT, produces aYAmz dump truck 8х4 loading capacity 32t, the seat-ballast tractor loading capacity 250t serially, and also the chassis for truck cranes loading capacity 50t, 60t, 70t, 80t, the chassis under drilling rigs and other special-purpose equipment

The party of road trains, MZKT dump truck with a body volume 20m3 with dumping trailers СAT-135 with a body volume 21m3  were sold in 2012 successfully and is operated to this day.



In 2014 was attached the production of buses from the plant “NEMAN”. Now MAZ has tourist and intercity buses Neman 4202 with 30 seats, and Neman 5202.





Joint Belarusian-German car assembly production. The line of construction equipment is presented by dump trucks 6х4, 6х6, and tractors 4×2, 6×4, 6×6 for severe service conditions (heavy duty).

Existence of a production site, the assembly conveyor in cooperation with MAZ, MAN and other European producers of accessories, under quality control of MAN plant, and individual decisions.

Quality, reliability and the acceptable price in comparison with the European producers, were chosen by large operators in the market of gas and oil production.


CommoYAmzn customers are: Gazprom, Rus-oil, Surgutneftegas, thus, the last one refuses Mercedes and MAN  because of high operational expenses in favor of MAZ-MAN.