Dear Sirs,

JSC MAZ-SEVERO-ZAPAD being the official dealer of JSC MAZ of,  in response to your inquiry the  technical offer to cargo vehicle : 

Dump truck MAZ 6501B9-8420-000

Axles 3

Quantity of driving axles 2 (2 and 3)


Distribution of loading:

          on a front axle, kg 7500

          on the rear axles, kg 26000

Mass of dump truck, kg 13425

Technically admissible loading capacity, kg 20000


ENGINE The YaMZ-651.10 (Renault DCi11), 6-cylinder, with a working volume 11,12l, with a line arrangement of cylinders, 4-stroke, with direct injection of fuel, a turbo-supercharging, liquid cooling, intermediate cooling of air like «air-air». A resource before a major repair of 15 000 hours or 1 000 000 km of run; guaranteed life of 140 000 km of run.

The ecological class Euro-4, are applied: EGR system (recirculation of the fulfilled gases), the catalyst converter with the replaceable filter.

Engine type diesel turbo, electronic control

Engine power, kW (h.p.) 302 (412)

Maximum torque, NM   1900  


GEAR BOX ZF 16S2520TO, 16 step mechanical synchronized gear box of production ZF Germany, consists of knot with 4 drives, a demultiplicator and a front divider.

This mechanical gear box of an easy design with sixteen steps of switching of speeds, allows drivers to support optimum power in any situation – at the moment when the car starts, at speedup, in time the movement on the route.


Reduction ratio of the bridge 4,59

Rear suspension spring 26 tons

Wheels disk

Tires 315/80R22.5, tubeless

Cabin 2-seater, with a low roof, one berth, restyling


Platform with rear unloading, with heating up

Volume of a platform, m3 20

Platform type  rectangular shape

Fuel tank, l 300

The maximum speed, km/h 85 (with the overspeed limiter)


COMPLETE SET: an exhaust down at the left, with heating of a platform, guards on wheels of driving wheels, the rear safety device, the side safety device, the front protivopodkatny safety device,


Independent liquid preheater of the engine is included in the cooling system, provides fast start-up of the engine and automatic maintenance of optimum temperature of liquid in the system cooling, and also warms up a cabin and directs streams of warm air on the frozen glasses; the preheater works at the same fuel, as the engine, and its food is carried out from the onboard power supply network of the car


Tension converter (12-24v), anti-blocking system of braking, a speedometer, a spring suspender of a cabin, a pneumosuspender of a seat of the driver and passenger, head restraints of seats, a toolbox in a cabin, a cabin noise isolation, the speed limitation device, antiretractable thrust blocks (2 pieces), a spare wheel, the fire extinguisher cylinder, a jack


Guarantee: 24 months or 60 000 km, for engine 24 months or 140 000 km


All equipment has pre-sale training and is completely ready for operation. Training of drivers will be in addition made.



Timofeev Alexander